Urethral Catheter

Certain other features are:

  • Manufactured from non-toxic, non irritant PVC compatible with catheter lubrication.
  • Catheter with coned distal end for Non-traumatic catheterization.
  • Two lateral eyes for efficient drainage.
  • Universal funnel shape connector for easy connection to any urine bag.
  • Frozen surface tubing.
  • Colour coded for size identification.
  • Size: 8,10,12,14,16,18,20,22 and 24
  • Sterile by ETO gas, ready for use.
  • Individually packed.

Get the most out of your urethral catheterization with Urethral Catheter! Our high-quality catheters are made from non-toxic, non irritant PVC, compatible with lubrication and come in multiple sizes for easy identification. Enjoy a comfortable and efficient drainage experience with our two lateral eyes and universal funnel shape connector, perfect for connecting to any urine bag. Plus, it’s sterile by ETO gas and ready for use – so you can use it with complete confidence. Try Urethral Catheter today and experience the difference!


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