Skin Traction Kit

The skin traction kit (elastic type) includes the following components:

  1. Bed Traction Pulley: A device attached to the bed or frame for controlled application of traction force during skin traction therapy.
  2. Traction Belt: An elastic or adjustable belt that wraps around the limb to secure it during skin traction therapy.
  3. Vinyl Water/Sand Bag: A durable bag filled with water or sand that serves as a weight attached to the traction cord.
  4. Traction Cord: A strong and flexible cord that connects the traction belt to the weight bag, transmitting the traction force to the limb.

A skin traction kit, specifically the elastic type, is a set of components used for applying skin traction therapy. Skin traction is a non-invasive method of providing traction to a limb by applying a pulling force through the skin. Here is a description of the components included in a skin traction kit:

  1. Bed Traction Pulley: The bed traction pulley is a device that is typically attached to the bed or frame. It allows for controlled and adjustable application of traction force to the limb during skin traction therapy. The pulley system helps in smoothly applying and releasing traction force as needed.
  2. Traction Belt: The traction belt is an elastic or adjustable belt that wraps around the limb, securing it during skin traction therapy. It is designed to distribute the traction force evenly and prevent slippage.
  3. Vinyl Water/Sand Bag: The vinyl water/sand bag is a durable bag made of vinyl material that is filled with either water or sand. It serves as a weight that is attached to the traction cord to create the necessary traction force. The weight can be adjusted to achieve the desired level of traction.
  4. Traction Cord: The traction cord is a strong and flexible cord that connects the traction belt to the weight bag. It transmits the traction force from the weight bag to the limb, creating the desired skin traction effect.

Together, these components work to apply skin traction to the limb, helping to immobilize and align fractures, reduce pain, and assist in the healing process. Skin traction is commonly used in orthopedic settings for certain fractures, dislocations, or preoperative preparation.

It’s important to note that skin traction therapy should be performed under the supervision and guidance of a healthcare professional or as prescribed by a physician. The specific instructions for setting up and using the skin traction kit may vary, so it is essential to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and the healthcare provider’s recommendations for safe and effective traction therapy.


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