Nebulizer Mask Kit

Certain other features are:

  • 100% medical grade PVC material
  • Jet Nebulizer Set come with mask as the interface of inhalation
  • Clear for visual assessment
  • Extra comfort for patient better fit
  • Equipped with a 6cc nebulizer
  • Standard Particle size:0.5-1.0 micron
  • Allow to angles for patient at positioned horizontally
  • Available with standard or universal tubing connector
  • Available in 2 sizes of adult and child

Struggling to get your medication into your lungs? Nebulizer Mask Kit is here to make things easier! Our mask is crafted with a special transparent material that’s non-toxic and designed to fit comfortably over the patient’s mouth. Plus, with its aluminum clip and 2-meter long tubing, you can easily inhale the medicine you need without any hassle. Get your Nebulizer Mask Kit today and breathe easy!


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