Infusion Set

Certain other features are:

  • Precision mounded drip chamber with sharp spike for smooth penetration.
  • Clear transparent 14mm/16mm chamber to see fluid flow.
  • Smooth, flexible, kink resistant tubing which is made up of non toxic medical grade P.V.C. granules.
  • Provided roller clamp for controlled flow of fluid.
  • Self sealing Latex tube/Moulded tube for additional medication.
  • Sharp, smooth vein needle (21 G) for non traumatic cannulation.
  • Sterile by ETO gas.
  • The set is for single use, non-toxic, Non Pyrogenic and sterile.
  • Individually packed in plastic/paper pouch.

Get the perfect infusion set with Infusion Set! Crafted from medical-grade, non-toxic plastic granules, our infusion set offers unmatched quality and durability that you can trust. Enjoy an easy setup, hassle-free maintenance, and the assurance of superior performance. Upgrade to Infusion Set today and make sure you get the best infusion set for your money!


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