Shoulder Immobilizer Universal

The Shoulder Immobilizer Universal is a medical device designed to provide support and immobilization to the shoulder joint. Its adjustable and universal sizing makes it suitable for a wide range of patients. This device is commonly prescribed for post-surgical support, shoulder injuries, or certain shoulder conditions, helping to stabilize the shoulder and restrict movement during the healing process.


Shoulder Immobilizer Universal – Description:

A Shoulder Immobilizer Universal is a specialized medical device designed to provide immobilization and support to the shoulder joint, catering to a wide range of patients due to its universal sizing. It is a commonly prescribed orthopedic accessory used to stabilize the shoulder and restrict movement, which aids in the recovery process following injuries, surgeries, or to manage certain shoulder conditions.


  1. Universal Size: The Shoulder Immobilizer Universal is designed to fit a wide range of patients, regardless of their body size or shape. Its adjustable straps and closures ensure a snug and secure fit for various individuals.
  2. Shoulder Immobilization: The primary function of the device is to immobilize the shoulder joint effectively. It restricts the range of motion to minimize stress on the injured or recovering shoulder.
  3. Adjustable Straps: The immobilizer is equipped with adjustable straps and closures, allowing patients to customize the level of support and comfort to suit their specific needs.
  4. Padded Shoulder Support: Many Shoulder Immobilizer Universal models come with padded shoulder support, offering enhanced comfort and even pressure distribution.
  5. Sling Configuration: The device is typically designed as a sling, supporting the arm and forearm while holding the shoulder in a stable position. This sling configuration helps reduce stress on the shoulder joint and surrounding tissues.
  6. Breathable Materials: High-quality Shoulder Immobilizer Universal models are crafted from breathable materials, promoting air circulation and reducing skin irritation during prolonged use.


A Shoulder Immobilizer Universal is commonly prescribed for the following purposes:

  1. Post-Surgical Support: After shoulder surgery, the immobilizer helps protect the surgical site, reduce postoperative pain, and promote proper healing.
  2. Shoulder Injuries: It is used to support and stabilize the shoulder joint following injuries such as fractures, dislocations, sprains, or strains.
  3. Shoulder Conditions: For certain shoulder conditions, such as rotator cuff injuries or shoulder instability, the immobilizer helps limit movement and relieve stress on the affected area.


As with any medical device, the use of a Shoulder Immobilizer Universal should be directed and monitored by a qualified healthcare professional, such as an orthopedic surgeon or physical therapist. Proper fitting and adherence to wearing instructions are crucial to ensure effective support and to avoid complications.

Patients should consult their healthcare provider for appropriate evaluation, fitting, and usage guidance. Regular follow-up appointments may be necessary to assess the device’s effectiveness and make any required adjustments.

Please note that the description provided here is a general overview of a Shoulder Immobilizer Universal and its potential features. Specific designs and functionalities may vary based on the brand, model, and individual patient needs.


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