Measured Volume Set Made With Non-Toxic Plastic

Certain other features are:
  • Cylinder type Measure Volume chambers of 110 ml & 150 ml
  • With 1ml. increments and 10ml overflow limit.
  • Provided rubber stopper to stop fluid insertion automatically when chamber is fully filled.
  • Roller type flow controller provides accurate flow control.
  • A special plug is provided at the top of the cylinder to inject the extra drug.
  • Provided with spare airway.
  • Sterile by ETO gas.
  • Non toxic, Non Pyrogenic.

Get the perfect dose every time with Measured Volume sets. Our pediatric sets are made with non-toxic plastic, giving you peace of mind that nothing dangerous is entering your body or the environment. With 1ml increments and 10ml overflow limit, you’ll be able to measure out the exact dosage for your needs. Plus, the rubber stopper will automatically stop fluid insertion when the chamber is full, making it easy and safe to use. Make sure to get your Measured Volume set today!


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