Hard Collar (Adjustable)

A hard collar (adjustable) is a medical device made of rigid plastic or strong materials used to provide firm support and immobilization to the neck and cervical spine. It features an adjustable design with multiple size settings or Velcro straps for a customized and secure fit. The collar restricts neck movement entirely, promoting healing in cases of severe neck injuries, fractures, or post-operative care. It should be prescribed and fitted by a healthcare professional for optimal effectiveness and patient comfort.



A hard collar (adjustable) is a medical device used to provide rigid support and immobilization to the neck and cervical spine. It is commonly prescribed for patients with more severe neck injuries, fractures, or post-operative care. Here is a full description of a hard collar (adjustable):

  1. Purpose: The primary purpose of a hard collar (adjustable) is to restrict movement in the neck to promote healing, prevent further injury, and stabilize the cervical spine. It provides rigid support and helps maintain proper alignment of the neck structures.
  2. Design and Material: The hard collar is typically made of rigid plastic or other strong materials to ensure stability and support. It may have an inner foam padding or a soft lining for improved patient comfort.
  3. Structure: The collar is a contoured, horseshoe-shaped device that wraps around the neck and extends from the base of the skull to the upper chest. It fits snugly around the neck to limit movement effectively.
  4. Adjustability: Many hard collars are adjustable, allowing healthcare providers to customize the fit according to the patient’s neck size and shape. They often feature multiple size settings or use Velcro straps for secure and comfortable fitting.
  5. Front Opening: Most hard collars have a front opening design, which allows easy application and removal without excessive neck movement.
  6. Ventilation: Some hard collars are designed with ventilation holes or breathable materials to minimize discomfort from heat and moisture buildup during prolonged use.
  7. Immobilization Level: Unlike soft cervical collars that offer some limited movement, hard collars provide complete immobilization, restricting flexion, extension, and lateral movement of the neck.
  8. Duration of Use: Hard collars are typically prescribed for a limited period, especially during the initial phase of treatment or post-operative recovery. Prolonged use of a hard collar can lead to muscle weakness and stiffness in the neck.
  9. Medical Advice: The use of a hard collar (adjustable) should be determined and prescribed by a qualified healthcare professional based on the severity of the injury or condition. Proper fitting and usage instructions are crucial for the collar’s effectiveness and the patient’s comfort.

Overall, a hard collar (adjustable) is an essential tool in providing strong support and immobilization to the neck in cases of more severe neck injuries or post-surgery recovery. Its rigid structure ensures the stability needed for optimal healing, but its use should be guided by medical professionals to avoid potential complications.


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