Frog Splint

A frog splint is a medical device used to immobilize and support specific fingers or digits. It consists of a rigid main splint that runs along the back of the finger or hand, and side splints that extend along the sides. The frog splint helps stabilize fractures, sprains, or other finger or hand injuries by immobilizing the affected area, providing support, and maintaining proper alignment. Its purpose is to promote healing, reduce pain, and prevent further injury or deformity.


A frog splint is a type of medical splint that is used to immobilize and support specific fingers or digits. It is called a “frog” splint because it resembles the legs of a frog when applied to the hand or finger.

The frog splint is typically made of a rigid material, such as metal or plastic, and consists of two parts:

  1. Main Splint: This portion of the splint runs along the back or dorsal side of the finger or hand. It provides stability and support to the injured or affected area.
  2. Side Splints: These splints are positioned on either side of the finger or hand, extending along the sides. They help maintain proper alignment and prevent sideways movement or deviation.

The main purposes of a frog splint are:

  1. Immobilization: The splint immobilizes the injured finger or hand, preventing unwanted movement and promoting proper healing. It helps stabilize fractures, sprains, or other injuries by keeping the affected digit in a fixed position.
  2. Support: The frog splint provides support to the injured area, reducing pain and discomfort. It helps to protect the finger or hand from further injury or strain.
  3. Alignment: By keeping the affected digit in the correct alignment, the frog splint helps prevent deformity or malpositioning during the healing process. It assists in maintaining proper joint alignment and promotes optimal healing.

Frog splints are commonly used to treat conditions such as fractures, ligament injuries, tendon injuries, and certain types of sprains affecting the fingers or hands. They are usually applied by a healthcare professional, and the specific positioning and duration of use depend on the individual’s condition and the instructions provided by a medical professional.

It is important to follow the guidance of a healthcare provider when using a frog splint to ensure proper fit, alignment, and usage for optimal healing and recovery.


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